Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sketches from a Rocking Boat Part 01

I'm no stranger to failure, so it came as no surprise that two days into Inktober, despite hours of trying, I wasn't even remotely satisfied with any of my ink drawings and decided to call it quits. Work takes up the vast majority of my time and I didn't want to spend the little spare time I get on making ink drawings I hate and becoming frustrated. It didn't help that all this coincided with my moving into a new place to be closer to work.

But out of abject failure comes a little ray of hope. Because of my hectic schedule the only way I could participate in Inktober was to sketch on the ferry to and from work and ink when I got home at night. Although Inktober was no longer a factor, it didn't mean that I had to stop sketching. In contrast to the frustration I felt when inking, I found sketching to be somewhat relaxing. In less than two weeks I filled up the last 2/3rds of my sketchbook and no longer feel totally rusty when drawing my own stuff.

However, danger always lurks around the corner; sketching on my commutes is how I got RSI years ago, so I have to be careful to not overwork my hands.

Failure. Hope. Danger.

Watching: Paper Moon by Peter Bogdanovich, Her by Spike Jonze, Inside Llewyn Davis by the Coen Brothers

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