Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally, More Things I Was Too Attached To for No Good Reason

Arrrghhh! I'm so goddamned tired of these drawings, I drew them last year and I just didn't know how to colour them. They're not really very good drawings, but for some reason, I couldn't stick 'em in my "Junk" folder. I've probably started to become too sentimental. So here they are, coloured very badly. I'm really disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm and progress in colouring and backgrounds. I started making headway in the right direction last July-August when I had just gotten back from New Zealand and instead of keeping it up and doing more, I just stopped. It's even worse now that I have my current job and have internet access at home, because I don't even draw at home these days (or watch movies, I have a stack of dvds to watch).

It's the Easter weekend and I've pretty much spent it in front of my computer, not doing anything, just listening to podcasts ( and reading blogs. I should have drawn a comic or written a short story or something else productive. What a waste of four days. These two days of holidays are putting me behind schedule at work as well, so I'll probably be working long hours on that instead of doing my own stuff.

Anyways, boo-hoo for me. I should be getting some Ektachrome64t film for my Super8 camera this week, so that's one good thing to look forward to. Wow, this blog is starting read like a blog.

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