Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sketches From A Moving Train Part3

I was commuting to work a couple of weeks ago when a weird-looking guy puts his hand on my thigh and sits down next to me. As I look up he smiles and says "Very nice". I remove my earphones and say to the guy "Don't fucking touch me" not loud, but loud enough that people around me hear it. The guy apologises and I slowly put my earphones back in and resume sketching. A minute goes by and something in my brain finally kicks in. He put his hand on my thigh by accident while trying to sit down as the train jolted to a start. And when he said "Very nice", it was referring to the drawings on my sketchbook. True story.

Anyways, these are the final pages of my first train sketchbook. At the end I was really tired of drawing the same types of girls wearing the same types of clothes. I realised that one of my many artistic weaknesses is that I don't really know how to draw cloth or hair, so those are things to tackle in the next book. I also miss drawing weird looking girls with crooked noses and buck teeth with braces. I'm also gonna try drawing more guys, I think I might have forgotten how.

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