Saturday, April 05, 2008

Flash! Flash!

Every once and a while I troll through some message boards looking around to see who's doing what and trying to find the best forum to participate in. I remember back in the good ol' days of the boards in 2001 where a lot of really good work was being shown and where a really varied community interacted and got into arguments and discussed stuff. Lots of art groups and projects flying about.

Then, if I remember correctly, the site shut down for a month or so and the community dispersed into a lot of smaller boards. (These boards existed before, but they weren't as important for ME). Sijun, penciljack, protodepto, sequence protocol, ledheavy and sketchbook sessions, which I think was associated with Shane Glines.

Anyways, I was trawling the sketchbook sessions forum a few days ago and saw an open thread in the "girls" section entitled Flasher - Open Thread - Lots more drawing - Lots more nudity that I thought was kind of cute in a Gil Elvgren kinda way and I decided to draw something in the same vein, and maybe start posting in forums again (being involved in forums takes way too much time that I probably won't do it).

So here are some sketches I did, I still suck at colouring and I just don't know what to do about that, I should probably get in touch with my old flatmate Woric and get some pointers.

WARNING: The first image contains nudity(although you can't see anything really) and is not Work Safe.

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