Sunday, December 03, 2006

Punx, Mermaids and Caitlin Fisher

I drew this picture one weekend a couple months ago, as a kind break from animation (I used to work at an animation studio 7 days a week). This pose is kind of typical of what I was drawing back then. I'm kind of influenced by animators Takeshi Koike and Peter Chung who push their poses and do interesting things with perspective. I coloured it last week with Photoshop 7.

The next two drawings were done like the Julia, Sandra and Babe Rawlins pics I posted a few days ago, sketched sporadicaly over a week, then cleaned up in a day and coloured recently (Ariel and Caitlin were coloured today) here in Melbourne.
I guess I drew The Little Mermaid because the Special Edition DVD came out recently. Unfortunately, the commentary focuses on the music and there isn't a seperate animator's commentary like the Aladdin DVD.

Ah, sweet Caitlin Fisher, I wonder where she is now?
Actually, she doesn't exist, the name just popped into my head and I liked it. I was trying to colour it with two grades of shadow and two lights; a soft key light and a hard rim light. It looked like crap so I took away the dark shadows. Now it looks like all the rest (sigh).

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  1. actually, i am Caitlin Fisher...haha! No joke, i googled myself and this came up