Thursday, November 30, 2006

Animation Showreel

This is some animation I have done over the last two(?) years. Most of this stuff is ancient and I'm not really happy with it. They're pretty much experiments, because I wanted to know how to do certain things and try some different things out.

I planned to do some more animation after I wrapped up work on the animated show, BroTown, but I've gotten sidetracked, this was compounded by the fact that I now live in backpackers in Melbourne. The only new stuff are the first two animations, the first one is the first lip synch I've done in a while and the second was really unfocused and not planned out..... well anyways, I wanna do some more lip synch scenes, something that shows the characters acting. It's weird, when I was working on BroTown with a tight deadline, my personal little animation tests were really dynamic, but with time on my hands, my work isn't as good. I guess i work better under pressure.

(EDIT: I took the video down, I'm not quite sure why, maybe because it's so old that it's embarrassing, maybe because it was encoded so poorly and had audio sync issues, maybe because it's almost 1:30AM and I'm not thinking clearly)

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  1. Heeeey bigfella. I saw you're looking for a tablemate at Supanova? I might be trying to get a spot myself. It's a bit of a worry that neither of us have any books going, but you know it could be good for connections, and we'll have somewhere to sit for the day :)