Wednesday, November 01, 2017

When Things Fall Apart

Both of the drawings above started out as decent sketches but ened up as somewhat disappointing drawings. I created the process comp in an effort to discover when the drawing starts to fall apart.

The lineart seems fine, I used a hard brush with no opacity variation which resulted in very clean lines.

The flat colours look okay, but I think this is where things start to go downhill. Going into the colour process with no plan always results in the same palettes. Also, having very little to no clothing details or accessories leaves huge blocks of undefined, flat, boring colour.

Finally, we come to the shadows. This has been one of my biggest weaknesses and I don't think I'm improving at all. Although I think they look okay over the lineart, they look awful over the flat colours. They are too evenly distributed over the whole figure and instead of helping to define form, actually confuse the eye. 

Watching: Funny Face by Stanley Donen
Reading: The Storm Before the Storm by Mike Duncan
Listening to: The Deep Dark Woods - Yarrow

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