Saturday, May 30, 2015

Banner Year

It was way past time for me to update the look of this blog, I've been sketching concepts for a new banner/header since January, but only half-heartedly attempting to draw them. I settled on the design with the tightest sketch, so most of the work was already done. 

I've had a lot of dental issues this year, and recently I had my bottom wisdom teeth and 2nd molars out, leaving some big holes in the back of my mouth. As a result of not being able to chew anything without debris falling into my gaping wounds, I've been on a liquid diet and have dropped 7-10 kgs.

While I could stand to lose some belly fat, I'm the sort of person who buys multiple copies of clothes when I find something that fits, so I'm stuck with a bunch of clothes that don't fit me anymore, including two pairs of my favourite Native Youth corduroy pants.

A side effect of my reduced nutritional consumption is having problems focusing long enough to draw, so the drawing to the left is me shaking the rust off. The last time I finished a drawing with a side profile head I was so disgusted with it that I spent a few days sketching them till I figured it out. But it's been a while since then and apparently I've forgotten it all. 

The drawing to the left was a rejected blog header design. I had nothing better to do at the time, so I gave it a quick ink and colour.

In an effort to start living a more balanced life, I've started a new job storyboarding in-house on a new show. The downside is that I have a long commute (4hrs a day), which means I probably won't be drawing much of my own stuff. I get to take weekends off though, so I might get to squeeze some dawing in then.

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