Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Killing The Cute

It's been a long time between posts; game development has been slow with a lot of time spent re-doing animations and figuring out what things to do, how to do them, and in which order to do them in.

The fellow above is the first enemy implemented, I hope people enjoy shooting the cute bugger. I don't know if i'm entirely happy with the bounce animations I've created for it, I tested the standard bouncing ball method, but I wanted a little more squishy displacement while still maintaing a consistent collision box. I might still add an inbetween or two. 

I've been finding out the main differences between animating for games versus tv/film is that in games
1:  Everything animates in cycles. 
2: You must be mindful of hit/collision boxes, even if they aren't matched up to the graphics exactly, I think they should still be consistent.
3: The animator has no control over spacing, at least in the physics based game I'm working on. Also, the animation moves in space every frame, so even "held" frames are moving.

This is my first game, so I may be completely wrong, but it's been true to my experience so far.

Watching: Lots of Hammer Horror films
Reading: Shadowland by Peter Straub
Listening to: Minus 5 - Let The War Against Music Begin, The La's
Playing: Dustforce, Robot Wants Kitty, Rinth Island

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