Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I think that girls with guitars are my go-to when I sketch mindlessly. The Jazzmaster looks a little thin but I can't really be bothered fixing it. I've been using very saturated colours lately, maybe because it's Autumn and the days are getting dreary.

Where's the Beef? I don't think that we have Wendy's burgers here in Australia.

This was just a goofy sketch and half way through colouring I realized that it resembled the girl in the Wendy's logo. I'd never make it as a graphic designer, looking through fonts is SO BORING!

This started as a mindless sketch. It was inked little by little over a few days in between other stuff and I never really intended to finish it. It's another case of me following the path of least resistance. I should have spent my time on something worthwhile.

I don't know why I used a super-contrasty shadow, but for some reason I like how the shadows look on the gloves/arm things. It doesn't look very good on skin though which is why I didn't really use it on the face.

This was in the WIP folder for months. This is a pretty severe crop of what was originally a portrait-style shot.

I made it monochrome and added some noise to make it look a bit like a frame of film.

I came up with a riff and just kept layering guitars over the top. I couldn't come up lyrics, but wanted to finish the track, so I used some lyrics from War written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. The track ended up being brighter than what I intended. I still want to write proper lyrics for it and add drums. Hopefully that will give it a darker feel.

War (demo) by Citizen Tang

Another attempt at building on a riff. Similar to how a person who just discovers Photoshop uses a ton of lens flares and other cheesy effects, I've been using too many guitar tracks and vocal lines lately, so I threw away the bass-line and kept the vocal to one track to keep it from getting too dense. If I used a little bit of forethought I would have written it in a key that was easier to sing.
Sober by Citizen Tang

Reading: Bound For Glory by Woody Guthrie and Watership Down by Richard Adams
Listening to: The Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies

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