Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloom County

Wish fulfillment? Yeah, probably.

I got a little bloom/flare-happy, but I think it works. I just coloured things normally then did the same type of colour correction I would do to a photo.

I was thinking about changing the mouth-shape to something more normal, but I kind of like the quirkiness.

The photo on the wall is the album art from Pearl Jam's Yield. I hope it looks like typical motel wall art.

The next two drawings were in the WIP folder forever. I mentioned my dispair with the stiffness of these drawings months ago. I think I got a bit too caught up with doing very content-rich backgrounds and got a bit too overwhelmed with the amount of work it took to complete a finished drawing.

The drawings may have inconsistent shadows, sparse and uninspired backgrounds and the light sources come from the same direction, but they're finished, dammit and that has to count for something (it doesn't).

I'm not quite sure why I drew another picture of a rockabilly girl with a White Falcon, I probably had aspirations to use it as a design for a t-shirt.

I've been investigating the various t-shirt printing services, so far I've tried CafePress and Zazzle and will probably try Redbubble and MySoti soon. The Zazzle shirts (dark fabric) were of higher print quality than the Cafepress shirts, but after a mishap with an extra strong laundry detergent Zazzle rushed out a replacement shirt to me which was of pretty shoddy quality. Redbubble and MySoti seem to have better print quality but both are more expensive, have longer wait times and in the case of Redbubble, will only print on American Apparel. I think I'll go with Zazzle for shirts I design for myself, but use MySoti and Redbubble if and when I decide to design shirts for selling.

My white falcon t-shirt may see the light of day yet.
Reading: Moviemakers' Master Class by Laurent Tirad
Listening to: Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues, The Flying Burrito Brothers - The Gilded Palace of Sin

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