Saturday, August 15, 2009

Art In The Time Of Tendonisis

More narcissistic pictures. I think I keep drawing these because they're so easy to do. I've been spending hours on drawings I can't (or won't) finish and sometimes after ripping the pages off of my drawing board and throwing them to the floor, I'll slap down a quick sketch of something easy.

The first picture was supposed to be very graphic/cubist but I didn't know how to shape the colour.

And here's the chiaroscuro version. I'm really starting to like the line-less look. My travellin' buddy Woric has been doing something like this for a while. I want to draw a short comic using this look.

I did this sketch a long time ago, but couldn't find a colour scheme. Finally, I decided on greyscale and one colour.

This was a drawing I did after a period of tendonisis. It's been flaring on and off for the last few weeks. I think I might have a rough week coming up...

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