Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snap! Snap!

I'm getting kinda snap happy. The first half of these photos were taken with my phone, a Nokia 6300 on Auto. God, I wish I could get at least one manual setting, oh well, it's small and I always carry it around in my pocket. Most of these shots were taken on my way to and from work.

The second half of photos were taken with my Canon HV30 video camera with a Raynox 6600 wide angle lens converter. I don't use this camera enough, and when I do, it's usually taking photos instead of video. They're in 16x9 ratio because I shoot in video mode, that way I'm learning how to compose, expose and focus for when I eventually get around to make a short film. These shots were taken at home, in my bedroom and backyard.

I have a tendency of taking dark photos, usually towards light, a big No-No especially with a wide angle becasue it flares, HARD. It's another thing to learn I guess.


  1. Finally got your camera, eh? Don't hold back, post heaps more.

    That reminds me I want to try drawing characters into photos someday. Can I steal one of your photos if I ever get around to it?

  2. Hey, steal way. I'm gonna be wearing one of your drawings soon anyway.