Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sketches From A Moving Train Part 8

I filled up this sketchbook around mid-August. More of the same. I started a new sketchbook and got a couple of pages/days in when I noticed that my hands were really hurting.

It turns out I have RSI. I originally thought it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but apparently it's something else, tendonitis or something. I think it's hard to diagnose what it is exactly because drawing uses so many muscles in the hand and wrist so the pain is in multiple places, whereas in RSI from say, typing or using a mouse the pain usually only occurs in a few spots. Not so in my case, no that would be to normal and easy to deal with, I have acute pain in both hands, in multiple places at once and separately.

Now wait a minute. In both hands? That's strange, don't I only use one hand to draw? Well, when my right hand started to hurt a lot, I started to draw with my left hand. The knowledge of how to draw was there, the big struggle was co-ordination. Well, now both hands are screwed. I don't think it was just from drawing. My daily routine used to be: wake up, draw on train (1 1/2 hrs), draw at work (8-9hrs), draw on train (1 1/2hrs), play guitar (1-2hrs), use computer (3hrs), sleep and repeat. Now I pretty much can't do anything with my hands without causing pain.

It's weird not being able to draw my own stuff (I still work, which might give me permanent damage if I push things too hard) or play guitar. Weird and frustrating. I've been trying to spend my time writing (not going well) and playing with my video camera (Canon HV30). I'll post some video tests when I get around to doing them.

Anyways, this is the first batch from this sketchbook. The bottom image contains character designs for a one page comic I was planning on doing.

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