Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sketches From A Moving Train Part 7

Second batch of sketches.

I went to Supanova Pop Culture Expo (back in the day, they were called comic conventions) on Saturday. It was okay, although I don't think it's really my scene anymore, well, maybe just not as a visitor. Being in Artist Alley is pretty cool. Speaking of which, like an idiot, I only discovered last week that the convention was in June. Last year it was held in October and I assumed it would be held in October this year. So I missed out on getting a table (I haven't made a new book, so it's okay). I'll probably go to Smash! in August, but I most likely will only be going as a patron.

I'm trying to get back in the habit of making comics again. I started the 24hr comic thing a couple of weeks ago, but only lasted 4hrs. I'll talk about that in a later post, but the "writing" process kind of exhilarated me; that is, until the realization about the amount of work it would take to draw the whole thing and the fear of failure got to me and I stopped when I should of pressed on. Maybe the fear is what keeps me from finishing anything and why all I ever post are sketches. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy. Either way, I've got to buck up and get over it if I ever want to do anything worthwhile.


  1. Which car do the naked girls ride in? That would be some sweet train ride. Which studio do you work for and what do you do? I asked woric but he doesn't seem to know either.

  2. Hey Josh. I work for Kapow! Pictures (Yakkity Yak) doing storyboards on a new animated series.

  3. lets make a 1 page comic sometime. 1 page can't be too much. right?