Monday, September 10, 2007

Super 8 and Supergirl

When I was over in Auckland, my buddy Craig knowing that I was into film-making, gave me a Super 8 camera. It’s a Hanimex Loadmatic MPF830. The only problem was that they don’t sell Super 8 film in New Zealand! So in frustration I drew these pictures, which I finally got to colour, albeit with the aid of photos that I filtered into what I think Super 8 footage looks like. Now I’m back in Sydney, Australia but I’m so poor, I can’t afford to buy film which is $50 for stock and processing for 8 minutes worth. AND I probably need to process the footage down during development so I need to do two rolls at a time which comes to $100 and there’s a chance of the camera not working, so I would have wasted all that time and money for nothing (story of my life, really).

Anyways, I drew these Supergirl drawings back in Auckland one morning while listening to the Wordballoon Podcast. I coloured them on my then-flat mate’s computer.

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