Friday, March 24, 2017

Single Ladies

The outfit in the top drawing was something I saw on A Clothes Horse. I regularly browse fashion blogs for inspiration, but rarely do I copy whole outfits like this. I probably should do this more often because otherwise I tend to draw very similar outfits and have no idea about details that often define a look like hair and acessories.  
The drawings below were a little disappointing. They looked more interesting as sketches but any personality they had disappeared as I drew the clean lineart. Not knowing how to approach the colours also didn't help, I've used the same colour schemes before. They were bland then and remain bland now.

Watching: Get Low by Aaron Schneider, Black Sabbath by Mario Bava, The Search for General Tso by Ian Cheney, BBC Planet Earth 2
Reading: Noir by Richard Matheson
Listening to: Mandolin Orange - Such Jubilee & Blindfaller

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