Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Hungry

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This is the first comic I've made in years. It's not really the type of story I have in mind for this character, but the gag seemed simple to execute. It was initially two pages long, but after I drew it, I realized that it didn't read clearly, so I drew a new page (page 1) and shuffled panels around to set the premise up a little more clearly. I think the comic is a bit of a failure due to the mashed up layout (and the weak execution of the passage of time sequence), but it was still refreshing to draw a comic again.


  1. Cool bro I like the style with the tones and clean lines... what program are using? Good to see you're still drawing!

    1. Thanks bro, I just use the standard round brush in Photoshop for lines and the color halftone filter for the tones.