Sunday, July 17, 2011


"The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized" from RedBubble
 I now have merch available at two different places online: RedBubble (T-Shirts and Stickers) and MySoti (T-Shirts). I have previously mentioned that MySoti were experiencing issues (mainly atrocious shipping times) and they seem to have worked things out now. I've bought shirts from both sites so I'll do a little comparison.
"In/Out Umbrella" from MySoti, the others from RedBubble
1) RedBubble prints on American Apparel and MySoti prints on Gildan Softstyle and Ultra tees. The Gildan Softstyle is almost identical in cut and feel to the American Apparel tees. Gildan Ultra is a more traditional style of tee with thicker/heavier fabric.
"In/Out Umbrella's" colour is still vibrant after 6 months of wearing/washing
2) MySoti's colours are more vibrant than RedBubble's colours and has better edge definition (less bleed) on dark shirts but RedBubble has better ink coverage (solid blocks of ink) and better edge definition of light shirts.
"C-C-Cammy" and "Queen of Hearts" from RedBubble
3) RedBubble was a lot more affordable than MySoti but they recently changed their prices, so they are now very similar. However, RedBubble has free shipping when purchasing 4 or more shirts (they can be different designs by different designers). RedBubble ships from Australia, Britain, Canada and the US. MySoti ships out from Britain.
Stickers by Redbubble
I also have Stickers for sale through RedBubble. When ordering 6 or more, they become half price. They're made of a heavy vinyl with a matte finish. They're removable up to a point. I had to peel off the Spacemonkeys sticker above a couple of time to get it centred and straightened on the cover of my sketchbook.


  1. hey man, awesome stuff, so overall RedBubble seems to be the better buy yes? I'm looking to order set up a shop linked from my site, what was the shipping time on the RB site for you?

    Great artwork / merch! i like your pencil design a lot, tempted to buy...

  2. I'd say Redbubble is better overall, but it's pretty negligible right now. It boils down to RedBubble=faster (just over a week)and slightly cheaper & MySoti= better quality prints and t-shirt quality.

  3. Great stuff!
    RedBubble becomes my favorite brand a part from gildan t shirts