Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just a sketch I coloured. I couldn't come up with a background so I just used a photo I took with my Nokia 6300.

It's a photo of my local train station and I took it one night after work when I was struck by how blue the night sky was and how beautiful the night looked juxtaposed with the yellow artifical lights. It reminded me of the nighttime Paris scenes in The Conformist (by Bernardo Bertolucci and shot by Vittorio Storaro) where the night is really blue and the lights are orangy-yellow. The photos (of which this is but one) are all noisy and dull, I should really buy a DSLR, so I applied a curves adjustment layer and boosted the blacks.

I coloured the sketch before deciding on the photo so the lighting doesn't match but I think it looks alright anyway.

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