Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sketches From A Moving Train Part 10

I started this sketchbook last August, just a week before my hands started to conk out. I stopped for a few months until December when my hands started to feel better. I filled this sketchbook out around the start of February, and have spent the last few weeks just finishing some of the sketches off.

My hands felt great in January and I think I got too cocky; I started to sketch on the train everyday and play guitar after work. In mid February the pain came back. I think, if the damage is the same as last time, that I'm at the beginning of the "pain cycle". It took five months for my hands to heal themselves last time, and I'm assuming it'll be at least the same this time, if I haven't fucked my hands up permanently.

I've stopped sketching regularly, but I'm gonna try and do a drawing a week and post those regularly instead of having sporadically posting every few months.

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