Sunday, April 27, 2008

Resignation In The Face Of Adversity

More from the BackLog. I don't even like the first image, I don't know why I "cleaned" it up and scanned it. I think I was in a period (post Supanova) where I was just scanning everything. I think the drawing was pretty bad, but I had done the shadow layer a few months back, and with my current "method" of colouring, that's half the job done. So today, instead of finishing my storyboards for work like I should have, because I'm a week behind schedule, I decided to throw some colours on some old junk.

The second image is one I drew last November. At the time I was convinced that it was my best drawing up to that point. It may have been true, and that's pretty sad because it's an underwhelming drawing. I think, like with all my work, that the rough blue sketch is a lot better, my clean up process kills my drawings. I had the belief/ambition that I would not draw people, just standing around in front of a gradient background anymore, and that everything I draw will have backgrounds, acting and a back story. That didn't work out. I gave up on colouring this, I have no idea how to even begin colouring "scenes". The lighting I had in mind is beyond my ability to actualize. I'm such a quitter.

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