Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ITW page 03

Retrospective. I kinda drew myself into a corner. I drew all the panels with the girl including that ghost-thing's shadow, before I had "designed" the thing (the ghost-thing in panel one is ver 2.0, it originally looked like it does in panel 04, I hate this version too) and was stuck with the shape, and the problem of drawing a non-solid....thing added to the overall crappiness.

I'm actually really disappointed with how the first panel came out, my blue pencil drawing of the panel looks okay, and even the cleaned up version looked all right until I added the blacks in photoshop. Panel 1 was also the only panel I did in layers, and the framing had to be fudged a bit in pshop.

I kinda like panel 02, I think it was the first panel I did and it was really fun to draw. The other panels are kinda awkward, I wanted some weird pacing, I don't think it worked that well though. Still figuring that out.

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