Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In the Woods...

A hoy-hoy, my name is Tang Lee and I started this blog to keep track of the various projects (comics/film/animation) I work on and to comment on different aspects of the creation process.

First up is the title page to a comic I'm currently working on. In the Woods is a project I started because I was stuck for ideas for a short comic (I have lots of comics and scripts written, but I'm not going to start on those until I improve my drawing abilities). I decided to just write and draw it one page at a time, with a loose structure guide (pg1 intro, pg2 complication, pg3 overcome etc..) it may seem a little "paint by numbers", but it frees me of structural problems, so i can just focus on telling the story and experimenting.

I consider story and art to be the same thing in comics, being a visual medium, stories are told by pictures, pacing, characterization etc... are defined by images. Another reason for me doing this comic was to experiment with different visual storytelling techniques. Some of these experiments failed, but I'm learning from the mistakes.

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